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11 Ways to Create Successful Social Media Content

Content creation for social media accounts can be quite demanding, especially with all the increasing factors involved. Whether you are creating content for a business or your personal accounts, these 11 ideas that we have compiled will provide you with some inspiration for content creation! (That rhyme was totally on purpose).

1. Join a Trend

Certain social platforms are very trend based, and participating in these trends can push your content out to a larger audience. This is useful if you want to broaden your reach.

2. Engagement Generating Posts

Sometimes your post may be pretty to look at, but alone it does not generate much engagement. Try asking a question in the caption of the post or starting a discussion among your audience to fix this!

3. Ask Your Followers

Polling your audience is a direct way to gain insight on exactly what they are hoping to see from you. It is also a fun way to generate engagement on your social platform.

4. Post Content That Interests You

If you are experiencing creativity block, just post content that you find interesting (as long as it is consistent with your brand). Most likely, your audience is following you because they identify with you or your content, so post something that you enjoy and watch what happens.

5. Inspire Your Followers

Choose inspiring content with a call to action in the caption. Motivate your followers towards a specific action. This can be an effective way to generate sales and engagement, which means you have created successful content!

6. Hire a Consultant

If you have realized content creation is simply out of your wheelhouse, hiring a consultant is the perfect route! At Muse of Media, we are dedicated to providing innovative and affordable services to you.

7. Incorporate Authenticity

Don't strive for perfection! It feels cold and does not resonate with your audience as well in some cases. Instead, try incorporating a hint of authenticity. I know the thought of straying from perfection may make some of you cringe...but trust me on this! It will bring an appealing warmth to your content.

8. Incentives

Use incentives that will prompt your audience to share, like, or comment on your posts. Maybe you are giving them a chance to win a giveaway or receive a follow from you. As long as the value of the incentive is greater than the measure, it will most-likely motivate your audience to engage.

9. Pay Attention to the Past

What kind of content has excited your audience in the past? What has bored them? The past holds useful insights, so use them to your advantage!

10. Spark Emotion

People feel urged to engage and share your content when it sparks emotion. However, keep in mind people are more likely to share content that sparks activating emotions over deactivating emotions.

11. Practical Value

Create content that has practical value. People like content that offers helpful tools or tips. They will share what can help them and others.

“When taking a content-first approach, our job as marketers is not to create more content … it’s to create the minimum amount of content with the maximum amount of results.” – Robert Rose


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